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2018 Results

Results from each game are currently being gathered together and will be posted on this page throughout this week - we will send out an email to all competitors to let them know once everything's online.

We hope you enjoyed the games and look forward to seeing you all again next time!

  • Open Category Team: Time:
    1st Elephant Boat Yard 1:06:48
    2nd Hamble Sea Scouts 1:09:50
    3rd Hamble Boys “Giggler” 1:10:00
    Ladies & Junior: Team: Time:
    1st Oarsome (Hamble River Rowing Club) 1:15:44
    2nd Tudor Rose 1:24:21
  • TimeNameGroup RaceOverall Award
    01:21:39Jonty YJunior 4km91st 4km Junior
    01:37:18Eleanor YJunior 4km162nd 4km Junior
    01:25:57Emily WSenior 4km131st 4km Senior
    01:02:03Jon BVeteran 4km41st 4km Veteran
    01:23:26Irene BVeteran 4km102nd 4km Veteran
    TimeNameGroup RaceOverall Award
    53:40:00Chris RSenior 7km RT11st Mens Senior
    54:36:00Holly HSenior 7km RT21st Ladies Senior
    TimeNameGroup RaceOverall Award
    00:58:56Fran BVeteran 7km RT31st Ladies Veteran
    01:02:29Jake FVeteran 7km RT51st Mens Veteran
    01:08:22Chris PVeteran 7km RT62nd Mens Veteran
    01:10:30Kate MVeteran 7km RT72nd Ladies Veteran
    01:11:54Steve GVeteran 7km RT83rd Mens Veteran
    01:22:01James GVeteran 7km RT11 
    01:22:52Jeff PVeteran 7km RT12 
    01:26:07Mathew AVeteran 7km RT14(With Dog!)
    01:32:41Elaine WVeteran 7km RT153rd Ladies Veteran
    01:39:12Lorraine GVeteran 7km RT17 
    02:03:31Jane WVeteran 7km RT23 
    TimeNameGroup RaceOverall Award
    01:41:54Simon CVeteran 7km Fun181st Mens Veteran
    01:44:28Sadie BVeteran 7km Fun191st Ladies Veteran
    01:53:52Paul BVeteran 7km Fun202nd Mens Veteran
    02:02:34Lucas JVeteran 7km Fun213rd Mens Veteran
    02:03:26Janet BVeteran 7km Fun222nd Ladies Veteran
    02:03:46Kaz WVeteran 7km Fun243rd Ladies Veteran
    02:05:29Sally SVeteran 7km Fun25
  • 10km - Senior
    Race NumberNameGenderTimeCategory PlaceAward
    37David VM00:37:5911st Male
    45Jordan WM00:41:1022nd Male
    25Mark AM00:42:4033rd Male
    31John WM00:43:114 
    33Holly MF00:45:3351st Female
    5Robin SM00:45:546 
    57Richard GM00:46:117 
    38Rachel VF00:46:3082nd Female*
    69Elliot JM00:46:559 
    35Colin LM00:49:0610 
    73Kieran NM00:49:1811 
    12Antony BM00:49:2712 
    6Sarah GF00:49:38132nd Female*
    62Tarryn AF00:49:56143rd Female
    70Robert DM00:49:5815 
    28Chris GM00:50:0516 
    61Charles HM00:52:3217 
    63Aron KM00:53:4518 
    9Juliette HF00:54:1619 
    7Noelle HF00:54:2020 
    16Tracy WF00:54:3021 
    19Victoria DF00:54:3922 
    17Claire HF00:55:4123 
    29Katie TF00:59:2324 
    23Emily AF01:04:1425 
    46Kira DF01:04:2926 
    30Sheree DF01:04:3527 
    10km - Veteran
    Race NumberNameGenderTimeCategory PlaceAward
    49Michelle BF00:47:0311st Female
    64Ian BM00:47:1821st Male
    47Mark WM00:47:2032nd Male
    10Edward BM00:47:5943rd Male
    13Dörte BF00:48:3652nd Female
    3Ian BM00:48:486 
    56Ian PM00:48:587 
    18Zillah LF00:49:0483rd Female
    40Justine OF00:50:059 
    53Rem LM00:50:1710 
    65Christopher BM00:50:2411 
    71Nicole WF00:50:3412 
    50Caroline BF00:51:4813 
    51Edmund BM00:51:5114 
    60Stuart FM00:52:0415 
    54Ruth BF00:52:1416 
    48Frances RF00:53:1117 
    52Trevor SM00:53:2918 
    67Sonia LF00:53:4419 
    1Sarah CF00:54:2020 
    59Clare JF00:54:2921 
    58Rob JM00:54:2922 
    66Vanessa BF00:55:3223 
    36Louise SF00:57:1724 
    27Andy GM00:58:1425 
    41Anne SF00:59:0726 
    44Chris WM01:01:2227 
    55Peter BM01:02:4428 
    34Melanie BF01:07:3729 
    68Dawn PF01:07:4030 
    5km - Junior
    Race NumberNameGenderTimeCategory PlaceAward
    147Toby EM00:20:2911st Male
    145Tom HM00:20:3122nd Male
    116Sam SM00:21:1233rd Male
    103Samuel BM00:22:094 
    141Oscar DM00:22:415 
    115Jake SM00:22:546 
    120Elliot WM00:23:027 
    139Thomas BM00:24:178 
    117Amelie SF00:25:2591st Female
    114Archie SM00:25:4610 
    128Kyle WM00:25:5011 
    144Aaron LM00:27:0812 
    126Ben SM00:28:0913 
    200Titus NM00:31:4314 
    5km - Senior
    Race NumberNameGenderTime
    137Carly SF00:24:1611st Female
    101Rebecca FF00:24:2922nd Female
    136Ellie DF00:26:2933rd Female
    105Jacqueline HF00:28:534 
    138Lauren GF00:31:555 
    5km - Veteran
    Race NumberNameGenderTimeCategory PlaceAward
    112William YM00:21:4811st Male
    127Neil KM00:22:5022nd Male
    129Bruce RM00:23:0833rd Male
    110Robbie MM00:24:044 
    119Jason SM00:25:065 
    74Steve BM00:25:276 
    149Hattie TF00:26:0171st Female
    106Rhian SF00:26:1382nd Female
    134Leslie RF00:26:3093rd Female
    148Rachel FF00:28:3810 
    109Tim LM00:28:4611 
    118Nicola SF00:28:5512 
    130Vicky MF00:30:3513 
    146Sally HF00:31:0714 
    125Kerry MF00:31:2515 
    135Helen FF00:31:5316 
    121Penny NF00:32:4317 
    143Shona FF00:32:4318 
    113Annabel SF00:34:1319 
    107Jane WF00:34:2820 
    108Geoff WM00:34:3421 
    111Debbie GF00:34:5822 
    100Elaine CF00:38:0823
  • 1.5km - Senior
    Race NumberNameGenderTimeCategory Place
    49Peter CM00:12:371st
    45Alex PF00:13:302nd
    27Claire FF00:13:563rd
    47Alex GM00:14:144
    46Peter KM00:15:485
    77Kevin MM00:15:586
    36John-William AM00:16:027
    39Scott DM00:17:198
    8Alice TF00:17:359
    25Andrew JM00:17:4410
    71Tsiloon LM00:19:1012
    43Dean WM00:19:4013
    30Ellie DF00:19:5514
    34Crys MF00:20:4915
    13Sophie CF00:22:1316
    32Richard GM00:25:3317
    1Elaine LF00:25:3818
    1.5km - Veteran
    Race NumberNameGenderTimeCategory Place
    6Simon HM00:15:111st
    12Robbie MM00:15:312nd
    16Stephen SM00:15:313rd
    48Sacha TF00:17:224
    41Steve CM00:17:455
    40Mike WM00:18:266
    10Louise GF00:18:557
    26Mark BM00:19:158
    38Sonia LF00:19:209
    50Jenny AF00:19:2110
    31Kevin FM00:19:4511
    29Alasdair RM00:20:5812
    44Nicole WF00:21:2313
    21Penny NF00:21:2714
    19Alex CF00:22:0915
    20Lesley QF00:22:2216
    9Kate BF00:22:2417
    2Claire FF00:22:3518
    7Jacqui RF00:23:5219
    14Tim BM00:23:5520
    4Katherine TF00:23:5721
    23Louise SF00:25:2622
    15Sally BF00:25:5723
    11Ruth BF00:27:4624
    500m Junior
    Race NumberNameGenderTimeCategory Place
    62Matthew SM00:11:311st
    60Tom JM00:12:192nd
    59Jake SM00:12:323rd
    58Archie SM00:12:564
    66Evie RF00:12:575
    56Ryan BM00:13:326
    54Joey HM00:14:327
    65Chris TM00:20:348
    500m Veteran
    Race NumberNameGenderTimeCategory Place
    55Richard BM00:15:321st
    63Vicky MF00:16:372nd
    72Elaine CF00:17:553rd
    70Annabel SF00:18:034
    57Annabel SF00:19:065
    61Mary FF00:20:536
    68Roz MF00:21:297
    64Helen FF00:22:598
  • 1st Isobel B & Maddie B
    2nd Nick J, Julian M, Thomas R & Thomas R
    3rd Thomas W, Sam W & Ewan K
  • Fast Handicap:

    1.  Ian Morgan (Netley SC) Devoti D-Zero
    2.  Ian Walker (Helm), Sasha Limes (Warsash SC) RS400
    3.  Bruce Mills (Helm), Andrew Jarman (Warsash SC) RS400


    Slow Handicap:

    1.  Amy Smith (Warsash SC) Topper
    2.  James Ross (Helm), Monty Ross (Hamble River SC) Mirror
    3.  Isaac Greaves (Warsash SC) Laser 4.7


    Optimist Fleet:

    1.  Harry Camm (Warsash SC)
    2.  Kai Miller (Warsash SC)
    3.  Archie Barber (Hamble River SC)

  • NameGenderCategoryBest Run Time Inc PenaltiesClass Position
    Aaron LMaleJunior1:53.281st Male
    Michael PMaleJunior1:59.472nd Male
    Toby EMaleJunior2:03.343rd Male
    Jessica LFemaleJunior2:23.161st Female
    Ryan BMaleJunior2:27.224th
    Elliott OMaleJunior2:36.475th
    Izzy TFemaleJunior2:38.062nd Female
    Amelia HFemaleJunior2:55.443rd Female
    Joe DMaleSenior1:48.971st Male
    Duncan MMaleSenior1:53.622nd Male
    John DMaleSenior1:58.943rd Male
    Mark AMaleSenior4:03.624th
    Toby WMaleVeteran2:00.781st Male
    Richard KMaleVeteran2:01.132nd Male
    Duncan MMaleVeteran2:32.663rd Male
    Susan TFemaleVeteran2:35.281st Female
    Sally HFemaleVeteran2:51.812nd Female
    Richard bMaleVeteran3:13.444th
    Elaine CFemaleVeteran3:32.193rd Female
    Heather RFemaleVeteran3:40.104th
  • The cycling results will be published here as soon as possible